Backpacks for Survival Kits

Find the perfect backpack to organize your survival kit.  We have rugged backpacks for hunters, hikers, and campers as well as discrete backpacks to help keep a low profile in a crowded urban area. 

Low-profile Backpacks:

Tactical Backpacks:



Things To Consider When Choosing A Survival Backpack


Size - For a short day trip you may need a backpack of around only 15 to 20-liter capacity.  Just enough volume to hold your day’s rations, water, first aid, tools, and other items. However, a planned day trip into the wilderness could turn into a longer stay should something go wrong.  Should Inclement weather, injury, or other disaster occur you will want to be prepared for at least 3 days (72 hours). A backpack with 35-50 liters of storage will provide enough space to pack 3-5 days worth of food, water (water filter), first aid, hygiene, light, tools, clothing, and other necessary survival gear.


Comfort - You will need to ensure that your backpack is rigid enough not to deform when full and in use, while being comfortable to carry for long distances and not adversely affect your back.  A standard backpack may be adequate over short distances if your contents are relatively lightweight.  However, emergencies are unpredictable and if you want to be prepared for anything, you will need a tactical backpack or rucksack more suited for long hikes and harsh conditions. 


Appearance - There are many different styles and types of backpacks.  Tactical, military-style backpacks offer versatility and functional attributes like MOLLE web and camouflage materials.  These characteristics are perfect for hiking bags and other outdoor activities that require the rugged and versatility that these bags offer.  However, in a crowded area or in your everyday life, this type of backpack can draw unwanted attention to yourself. Low-profile “hybrid” backpacks like the Urban Backpack, give you tactical features with an inconspicuous appearance.

See our guide to choosing a survival backpack here.


- Peace of mind in a backpack!

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