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Survival Backpacks/72 -Hr Kits

These premade backpack kits are made to meet FEMA guidelines for 72-hour emergency kits.  They contain everything you would need to survive for 3 days without food, water or electricity.  We have a variety of different survival backpack kit options to meet the needs of your household.  Don't leave your family's safety and security up to chance.  


What is a Survival Backpack?

There are many names used to describe an emergency supplies kit:  “bug-out bag”, “72-hour kit”, “go bag”, “survival backpack”. Whatever it is called, their purpose is the same, provide you with safety and stability during a natural or manmade disaster.  When you lose access to power, food, clean water, medical care, you can be helpless or you can be prepared.

Whatever the cause, blackout, hurricane, earthquake, we see millions affected each year.  Displaced from their homes and relying on emergency services or government agencies to provide the daily needs that we take for granted.  In the U.S. we don’t like to be victims, we like to be self-reliant.


The best way to prepare for such a situation is to keep an “Emergency Backpack”.  Everyone may require different items in their kit but we offer pre-assembled kits that have the basics that most everyone would need in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.  You can customize your backpack by thinking of all the items you need to survive day-to-day. Imagine you have no electricity or access to food and clean water, what would you need from the moment you get out of bed to the moment you go to sleep?  For more information visit our blog.

Practical Reasons to Own a Survival Backpack

A survival backpack is not just for doomsday disasters or end of the world scenarios.  Life is full of unexpected events, and if you are not prepared, minor incidents can become major problems or hassles.  This is where your emergency backpack kit can provide a much-needed comfort or practical solution.  

Power Outage - Severe weather and accidents that cause power outages can affect people anywhere, but there are also a few areas of the country that suffer from blackouts. This makes it not only practical but imperative to have an emergency kit with alternative light and heat sources.

Your blackout kit should include flashlights, candles, phone chargers, and a fire starter in case it gets cold or when you need to cook something. Additionally, you should be sure to, include a radio with weather band frequencies in addition to AM/FM.  A combination flashlight, phone charger, radio is a great option for a severe weather kit because it covers several of your needs with just one item.

Car Trouble - At some point, anyone who drives will experience car troubles. Not only is this an inconvenience, but if the weather and conditions are poor you may find yourself stranded like this woman.  If you have children with you, things can get even more complicated and potentially dangerous.  The best practice is to always keep an emergency kit in your vehicle.

A survival kit in your vehicle should contain a flashlight, water, food, tow strap, jumper cable, blanket, ice scraper, radio, and an emergency signal of some kind along with other basic survival necessities you can see here.  


Camping/Hiking/Backpacking - If all goes as planned then you probably won’t need to use everything included in your survival backpack, but when you are in a remote area with poor cell phone reception, you definitely won’t regret overpacking.  Just make sure you have a backpack that is comfortable to carry and strong enough to handle the weight of your survival gear.

Essential survival gear for outdoor/camping survival includes mylar emergency blankets, quick pitch emergency tent, water purification bottle/tabs, food, fire starter, hand warmers, knife, paracord, and first aid.  These items are lightweight and will provide you with shelter, warmth, food, and hydration.

Kids - Children are more prone to accidents, do not like change, and can be scared easier than adults.  If you can provide some comfort, food, medical care, you will find it much easier to manage children in an emergency.  A survival kit that is dedicated solely to the needs of your little ones, in their favorite colored backpack, can give kids comfort. 

A youth emergency backpack kit contains all of the necessities for personal safety during emergency situations where help may be delayed like after a major tornado or natural disaster. Kits commonly contain items like an activity pad or toy to entertain children; basic hygiene items like soap, shampoo, and wet naps; as well as sources of food and water like high-calorie food bars and water pouches.

Evacuation - When you have a warning but only a short time to evacuate before a crisis, a survival backpack allows you a quick exit without the anxiety of scrambling to collect your belongings and forgetting anything.