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72hr survival kit
Survival Food
Survival Gear
Disaster specific emergency kit
refill items
survival backpacks

Preparation is the key to survival

Although in the US we are blessed to have the best emergency service people and resources, disasters affect them too.  If there is flooding or fire, rescue personnel will be there putting their lives on the line for others but they may be limited in their ability to access disaster victims.   If rescue teams can reach you or you are able to safely leave your home, you are then forced to rely on whatever food and water they can provide. When large groups of people are affected the local resources can be stretched thin.  


If you have not taken any precautions or made a plan to handle the unexpected, you are leaving your family's needs up to others.  Imagine your family in a crowded shelter competing with hundreds of other people for limited food and water. This may never happen but you don’t have to leave it to chance, you can take simple steps to ensure your family’s safety and maintain your self-reliance.


- Peace of mind in a backpack!

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