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Paracord Survival Bracelet

SKU: 415

Paracord has a ton of survival uses!  This one simple item gives you the ability to secure your tent against the wind, tie items to your backpack, make a tourniquet or splint, and even use as replacement shoelaces.  The inner threads can be used for stitches as well as dental floss and even fishing line.  It is strong enough to help lift someone out of a hole and can even be used to clean the barrel of a gun in a pinch.  When you combine all the uses of the paracord with the built-in flint striker and survival whistle, this is a no brainer for anyone wanting to be prepared.  Simply put there is no more cost-effective way to prepare yourself for any disaster or emergency that may come your way. 


Made with over 10 feet of paracord.  This survival bracelet comes with a built-in flint striker and survival whistle. 

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