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Discreet Backpack

SKU: 712B
If you are looking for a tactical backpack that doesn’t scream “gun”, this is the perfect bag for you. 

Designed to blend the features of a tactical backpack with a casual appearance. You can be confident when carrying this backpack you won’t draw unwanted attention or concern in a crowd or urban environment.

Features 10 separate compartments to organize your gear and MOLLE web on the shoulder straps to give you versatility.
  • Discrete Backpack

    • Discrete black/gray design to help you blend in and not draw attention to your survival gear
    • Chest strap for stabilizing the bag and providing stability
    • Breathable mesh padding on the back and the straps for added strength and comfort
    • Increased height/volume capacity for more storage
    • MOLLE-style loops on the straps for clipping on additional pouches and items