Deluxe Quake Pack - 2 Person

Deluxe Quake Pack - 2 Person

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Don't let yourself be a victim.  If you are unprepared when an earthquake hits you will be waiting for help to arrive.  Depending on the amount of damage this could take a while.  Why leave your family's safety to chance?  It is simple and easy to provide peace of mind for your loved ones with this Deluxe Quake Pack!

  • Contents

    • 1x Red Backpack
    • 2x Large Nylon Bag
    • 1x Red Duffel Bag
    • 1x Weatherproof Poly Bag
    • 2x 3600 Calories SOS Food Ration
    • 24x 4.2oz Water Pouches
    • 5x Water Purification Packets
    • 1x 1 Liter Folding Water Container
    • 1x Water Purification Instruction Sheet
    • 2x Toothbrushes
    • 1x Toothpaste
    • 1x Comb
    • 1x Razor
    • 4x Shampoo
    • 1x Soap Bar
    • 2x Feminine Pads
    • 1x Washcloth
    • 1x Small Sewing Kit
    • 1x Rubber Flashlight with batteries
    • 1x AM/FM/WB Radio with batteries
    • 2x Light Sticks
    • 1x First Aid Kit
    • 1x 15 Inch Pry Bar
    • 2x Emergency Blanket
    • 2x Hard Hats
    • 2x Signal Whistles
    • 2x Work Gloves
    • 2x Safety Goggles
    • 2x N95 Mask
    • 2x Motion Sensor LED Head Lamp with batteries
    • 1x Earthquake Guide
    • 1x Emergency Preparedness Guidebook
    • 1x Pencil
    • 1x 5-in-1 Survival Whistle
    • 1x Duct Tape
    • 1x Deck of Playing Cards
    • 1x 50 Ft 5mm Rope
    • 1x Multitool
    • 1x Can Opener
    • 1x Work Gloves

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- Peace of mind in a backpack!

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