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118 Piece First Aid Kit

SKU: 904b

First aid can prevent injuries from becoming serious problems and preserve life until medical help arrives.  Without the proper supplies, providing first aid treatment can be difficult.  The comprehensive 118 piece first aid kit is a no brainer for anyone wanting to ensure the safety of their loved ones.

  • Contents

    • 30x Medium Bandages (wound plaster) 3/4” x 3”
    • 30x Small Bandages (wound plaster) 3/8” x 1.5”
    • 2x Large Sterile Sponge Dressing: 4"x4"
    • 10x Small Sterile Sponge Dressing: 2” x 2”
    • 1x Gauze Roll: 5cm x 3m
    • 5x Butterfly Closures
    • 12x Alcohol Free Clensing Wipe
    • 10x Cotton Tip Applicators
    • 5x Cotton Balls
    • 5x Safety Pins
    • 1x Pair of Nitrile Gloves, large size
    • 1x Triangular Sling Bandage
    • 1x CPR Mask
    • 1x Adhesive Tape
    • 1x Tweezers
    • 1x Scissors
    • 1x First Aid Instruction Sheet
    • 1x Eye Pad