Product Category Breakdown

We can provide you with so much more than backpacks!  You can find gear and tools for just about any survival or emergency scenario.  Our network of suppliers allows us to supply custom kits as well, where you choose exactly what you want in your survival backpack!


Premade Survival


Fully packed, ready to go survival kits for individuals, families, businesses and more


Custom Survival Kits

Build your own survival kit with our custom survival kit tool.  Select only what you want and get a free quote!



Choose from several tactical and low-profile backpack options to start building your survival kit.


Survival Gear & Tools

Flashlights, fire starters, emergency radios, weather protection, and more.  Find the right tools to aid your survival and disaster prep.


First Aid

Compact and comprehensive first aid kits that will fit easily in purses, glove boxes, or backpacks.


Emergency Food & Refill Kits

Re stock your emergency gear with quality food & water options, and much more.