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What's Inside Your Kids School Backpack?

Keeping your children safe is likely your number one priority. You watch what they eat, where they go, who they play with, what they do online, etc. It is literally a full-time job.

As we have seen over the past year, global pandemic, civil unrest, and natural disasters are no laughing matter. Virtually everyone has been affected.

What can you do to provide your child with safety and security when they are at school?

If you can't be there, your influence still can be. You probably have already provided them with emergency contact numbers and emergency meeting place. But, you can also discuss with them the officials/police/teachers they should seek out and listen to when they are away from home.

You can also provide your kids with survival items when they head off to school. Virtually all students use a backpack for school and there is no reason why they should not include extra food, water, first aid, emergency blankets, etc.

These items are perfectly safe for kids and with proper instruction can be life-saving. Children may even enjoy working with you to make their school backpack into a "survival kit".

For more comprehensive preppers or for if your kids are going to camp, on a trip, or if you live in high risk areas for natural disasters you may want to go a step further.

There are 72-hour kits designed specifically for kids that will provide you with peace of mind and make sure your children have all their needs covered should something happen.

We offer the Emergency Zone "Keep Me Safe" Childrens backpack. Here is what's included:

Entertainment/Comfort Items

  • 2x Activity Pads

  • 1x Note Paper

  • 1x Pencil

  • 1x Stuffed Bear

  • 1x Crayons

These items are aimed at helping pass the time and occupy children during tense moments. They can serve to comfort and distract your kids from axious situations. Scared kids can be hard to deal with during and emergency, that makes these simple toys valuable survival tools.

Hygiene Items

  • 1x Toothbrush

  • 1x Toothpaste

  • 1x Comb

  • 1x Shampoo

  • 1x Soap Bar

  • 1x Washcloth

  • 6x Wet Naps

Keeping clean and sanitary when forced to evacuate your home or if you would lose water/power is valuable to maintain morale and health.


  • 1x Children’s Water Bottle

  • 1x 2400 Calorie Food Bar

  • 2x Millennium Food Bars

  • 6x 4.2oz Water Pouches

Don't overlook the importance of food and water. If a disruption occurs where food/clean water is not available for a short period of time you will be thankful.

First Aid & Safety Tools

  • 1x N95 Mask (subject to current availability)

  • 1x Children’s Bandaids

  • 1x HeatStore Reflective Blanket

  • 1x Emergency Reflective Blanket

  • 1x Children’s Green Poncho

  • 3x Hand Warmers

  • 1x Light Stick

  • 1x Rubber Flashlight with AA Batteries

  • 1x Signal Whistle

  • 1x Informational Insert

Providing these items to your child are a simple way to ensure that unexpected disasters don't leave them helpless. One of these things on their own may not always be necessary in an emergency. However, the combination of taking all these precautions will give you peace of mind knowing that you your children are prepared.

Find more details on The "Keep Me Safe" Childrens Survival Kit here. <<<

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