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Vendor Spotlight: Emergency Zone

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Supplying peace of mind since 2007.

Emergency Zone is a national provider of emergency preparedness products. They supply bug-out bags, emergency kits, and survival gear. In addition to this, they also provide crucial guidance for families, businesses, and schools to help them discover the most effective way to prepare for an unexpected disaster.

Their wide variety of comprehensive kits are made for specific events or situations. Whether you are preparing for hurricanes, earthquakes, pandemics, or manmade disasters, they likely have a kit to meet your needs.

Bug-out Bags

Each bug-out bag or emergency backpack offered by Emergency Zone will come with all FEMA recommended components for a 72-hour survival kit. Food, water, hygiene items, lighting, communication, first aid. We currently offer free weatherproof matches with each Emergency Zone backpack kit.

Large families, urban dwellers, kids; Regardless of your situation, there is an Emergency Zone backpack kit to meet your needs.

Check out all the options here.

Emergency Kits

Emergency Zone also builds emergency and survival kits for specific disasters and situations. In addition to personal and family emergency kits, they provide a large variety of products designed for large groups in schools, offices, and communities. All of the necessities of survival are taken into account plus disaster specific items such as hard hats in earthquake kits and honey bucket toilets for office or school lockdown kits.

Check out all the options here.

Survival & Emergency Gear

If you are looking for individual survival items to supplement your survival kit or replace an item, you will find that Emergency Zone offers a huge collection of gear from emergency tents to weather radios to cooking mess kits.

You can view more of their selections here.

Most important Emergency Zone offers superb customer service and we are proud to represent their products!

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