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Urban Survival: Preparing for Civil Unrest

It is very unfortunate, but civil unrest is now a very real danger now in our cities. Just yesterday we saw dangerous riots in Philadelphia, PA.

There is likely more coming, especially post-election. If you live in a metro area I urge you to be prepared. There are many great resources and articles out there that cover this topic. (links below)

A couple of important things to keep in mind:

Riding on public transport - be cautious when using public transport especially alone. These areas where you are confined can be targets of protesters and violence.

Do your best to keep a low profile. I am not talking about stealth and sneaking around. Rather, don't engage with protesters or looters. Call the police if necessary, but the best bet is to vacate the area and encourage other bystanders to do so as well.

Safety when driving. Stay in if you can but if you must go out then avoid the areas of unrest and don't travel alone. Look for alternate routes that don't put you in harm's way. One technique when at a stoplight or stop sign is to leave plenty of space in between you and the car ahead of you. Giving you room to drive around or turn around if you need to. This will lower the chance of getting blocked or trapped in your car if any rioters approach.

Watch out for looters. Communicate with your neighbors to keep an eye out for looting. Know your local laws regarding the defense of yourself, your family, and your property.

Check on the elderly/disabled. Be sure to check in with grandparents and elderly neighbors or friends. They are more vulnerable to riots and the dangers they pose. If you believe their residential area may be affected it is best to help them get somewhere safe ahead of time.

Check out these blogs for more techniques on preparing for civil unrest and be safe:

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