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Prepper's Food Storage Flip Bucket

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Stockpiling food for an emergency or unforeseen future calamity seems like a simple process. Step 1: Buy food with a long shelf life, Step 2: store said food. Wrong!

While the basic premise of food storage is simple and the reasons to do so are quite practical, there are some challenges. These include space, safety, organization, and rotation.

Emergency food supplies can take up a lot of storage space. If you live in an apartment or have a large family, you likely don't have a lot of extra space for storing anything let alone food. To make matters worse, many foods you buy in bulk don't come in quality repacked containers that will protect the contents from damage. Plastic and paper packaging can breakdown when transported, from moisture, and from insects or rodents. It becomes extremely vital to have solid-walled containers that will provide protection from these elements.

You also need containers that are sealed well from moisture and provide peak freshness over a long period of time. The use of oxygen absorbers helps but works best with a container that seals tight. Common plastic totes and plastic bags do not provide this, not to mention they are hard to stack and inconvenient to handle. This makes organizing hard and takes up excess space. You must have a container that can be handled and stored easily.

Finally, you need to be able to rotate your food supply, after all, dry goods, rice, beans, flour, etc, do not keep forever and must be used up before they "expire". The difficulty with standard containers and buckets is that your oldest food is at the bottom. How do you use the oldest first without emptying all the contents?

With Emergency Zone's new Food Storage Flip Bucket you get a safe food storage container that is convenient to handle, safe for food, seals up great, and lets you access the food on the bottom easily!

With a strong resealable lid on the top and bottom, you can easily add more beans, rice, etc, to the top. When you need to use some up, simply flip over the bucket and remove the bottom lid. This grants you convenient access to the older food stored and ensures that your emergency food supply is rotated without waste or complication!

Check out the bucket in action:

You can get your own here!

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