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Finding a Bug-Out Backpack with Tactical Features but Doesn't Stand Out in Public.

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

This may be controversial but, one of the most important traits of a good urban survival/bug-out backpack is the appearance.

MOLLE web & "milltary" colors can draw attention.

Strength, durability, and water-resistance are all important but, a backpack that looks "tactical" or looks like you are ready to go hunting, can draw unwanted attention.

The tactical storage features of the common army/outdoor backpacks are great. But, even when you choose a low-profile color they can still mark you as someone carrying some interesting cargo. In moments of panic and uncertainty, you don't want to make yourself a target of unwanted attention. So alternatives should you consider?

The Solution

There are thousands of different backpack designs available that are specifically designed for a normal life. These everyday backpacks can help you blend in a crowd and become a gray man. However, many of these lack the durability, space, and tactical storage features that would constitute a really useful survival backpack.

The solution is to identify backpacks made for specific industries other than camping, hunting, military, etc. For instance, there are many high-quality backpacks made for traveling. They have features that are tailored to make getting through airport security, navigating crowds, and fitting comfortably in tight spaces.

Low-profile backpacks are great for urban residents.

Additionally, they often provide you with several separate compartments to help you organize your gear. A little creative thinking and you can repurpose storage compartments that are intended for things like laptops, cell-phones, etc, and use them for things like first aid kits, fire starters, food, water (many backpacks incorporate water bottle slots), flashlights, and whatever else you have decided to include in your emergency kit.

Heavy padding in lap-top or mobile device slots can provide a good place to store any fragile items or special items (water bottles, packaged food, etc.).

Water resistance is important for an emergency backpack.

In addition to the aforementioned features, you will want to find a discrete, everyday backpack that is water-resistant. This is more common with the need to protect laptops and mobile devices when people travel.

New materials and manufacturing processes make it easier for manufacturers to produce bags and backpacks that are comfortable and casual, yet still, provide durability. In fact, you can even find backpacks that are made from recycled material and still provide water resistance and quality.

The Oxygen 35 is a great option if you want a low-profile backpack to build your 72-hour survival kit or Get Home Bag.

This premium backpack features a sleek professional look that is suitable for almost any circumstance. It is casual enough for school and won't look out of place at the office.

Many have even used it while hiking. The practical storage slots and creative pocket design gives you versatile storage options. Every pocket is intelligently thought out. Your smaller items will not get lost inside this bag with all the useful slots and pouches.

It is made from recycled poly material and comes with quality YKK zippers. The back is padded for comfort and the straps are moisture-wicking. This keeps sweat from making the fabric of the straps sticky and helps you to stay cool. With a weight of fewer than 3 pounds, it is extremely easy to carry all day.

External access to rechargeable power bank.

The unique tech features really make it stand out. It comes with a slot for a rechargeable power bank that can be connected to an external charging port that can easily be accessed without digging into the bag.

There is a comfortable padded grab handle on the top that is very strong. The load lifters double as anti-theft clasps that hold a cover over the main compartment zipper. Not only will the bag help you maintain a low-profile but these features help thwart pickpockets!

You can see more images and full specs on the Oxygen 35 here. It is a superbly designed everyday carry bag that can provide the perfect urban camouflage for your survival kit, emergency kit, or get home bag.

Currently, we are offering the Oxygen 35 at a discount plus you get a FREE 10,000 mAh power bank ($60 value) when you buy! You can see all the details on this special here.

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