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Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Nebraska Flooding 2019

According to FEMA*, nearly 5 billion dollars will be needed for their 2019 Disaster Relief Fund. We know disasters happen we just don’t know when or where. Everyone should be ready to face an emergency. When a tornado hits your town or a fire destroys a neighbor’s home, you will be glad that you took a little time to ready yourself and you won’t be waiting around for help to arrive.


There are three basic steps to emergency preparation: 1) Evaluate risk, 2) Make a Plan and 3) put together an emergency kit. The right gear and plan are crucial to emergency preparedness, but skills and knowledge are just as important. As an added bonus your skills don't have a shelf life, they don't add weight to your backpack and you won't forget them at home. You can spend hours or even days hunting down information on preparedness and survival, so I have listed out a few sources that I have found helpful. Be sure to check back as I am always adding more resources.

First Aid

Knowing simple first aid can save a life! Learning CPR, how to stop bleeding, and much more. First Aid knowledge is extremely practical for anyone who wants to ready themselves for the unexpected. Here are some Do’s & Don’ts.


Water: Having clean drinking water may be the most important aspect of surviving a disaster. Fortunately, there are great resources to help you prepare.

Fire Starting

It sounds simple, but you cannot rely on conditions being perfect. What if you don’t have matches or even a flint/striker. Did you know you can start a fire with a 9-volt battery and steel wool? Learning to build a fire is a crucial skill to have, find out more here.

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Check back often to see more survival and preparedness resources! If you are looking for an emergency kit check out these options.

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