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Emergency Kits 

We offer emergency kits and survival backpacks for almost every conceivable disaster scenario.  Floods, fire, hurricane, earthquake and more, we have something for individuals, families, businesses, and communities. 

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Emergency Kits

There is no warning for disasters.  Once they occur your ability to respond and survive will be based solely on the preparations that you have made ahead of time.  An emergency kit is an insurance policy for your family, office, church, and community. You may be able to survive a major disaster without much preparation, but you will be leaving the safety and well being of yourself and those that depend on you, up to first responders and law enforcement.  An emergency kit can not only increase your chance of survival, but it can also provide comfort and independence while others struggle to overcome their unfortunate circumstances. Preparation and planning is a responsibility and will put you in a position to help your community during a disaster rather than being a victim.  Learn more about preparing for disaster here.