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Take the stress out of preparing your family for a disaster.   You can cover all the emergency essentials with a ready to go survival backpack kit that meets FEMA guidelines!


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Disasters happen without notice.  A premade backpack kit is a quick and simple way to prepare your loved ones.

Whether you need an emergency kit for your home or a  survival backpack for your outdoor adventures, we have a backpack kit that will meet your needs.


We take the burden of finding and collecting all the things you might need for sheltering in place, evacuating, or trekking outdoors.  A few clicks and you can be ready for almost anything!


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You can build your own survival kit and get a free quote.  No obligation.  SImply, use our kit builder to select the backpack you want and customize the contents. 

You can choose from several options for food, water, fire starting, weather protection, hygiene, first aid kits, cooking supplies, tools, and more!

ReadyWise 5 Day Backpack

This backpack kit is a great option for those looking for quality freeze-dried meals in their emergency kit.  ReadyWise food has a 25-year shelf life..

Just add water and you have delicious meals ready to eat in moments.  Each food pouch has a shelf life of 25 years and is made in the USA!

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Prepare & Plan For The Unexpected

To properly prepare for disasters, FEMA recommends keeping a 72-hour emergency kit.  Also known as a go-bag, survival backpack or bug-out bag. This kit should include enough food, water, personal hygiene, and first aid supplies to meet the needs of everyone in your household for 72 hours.

It is also recommended that you keep any medicine or healthcare items that you may require as well as copies of important documents like insurance cards. Food, water, first aid, and hygiene are the most crucial components but you can add items that are essential for the unique needs of your family.

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Find detailed product breakdowns, emergency preparedness guides, survival tips and other helpful information in our blog.


- Peace of mind in a backpack!

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