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How Much Water Should I Store for an Emergency?

Water is vital.  It helps your digestive system and keeps your kidneys functioning properly.  Dehydration will leave you feeling fatigued and ultimately can lead to death.  On top of this, water plays an important part in hygiene and cleanliness. 

This calculator will give you the amount of water that you will need if a disaster limited your access to clean, drinkable water.

The calculator is not a medical recommendation, it is a guide.  Daily water requirements depend on the individual and their habits, activity level and lifestyle. 

*Clean water: water that is safe to drink. 

Emergency Water Storage:

Well-Stocked water supplies will vary quite a bit depending on the size of your household. When planning your supply make sure that you have at least one gallon (Approximately 4 Litres) of water per person or pet, per day. If you are purchasing water supplies directly from the store, keep in mind that store-bought water has an expiration date, and after a certain point the plastic bottles in which the water is enclosed will begin to leach potentially toxic chemicals into the water. Be mindful of the expiration dates of your store-bought water, and replace the water as needed. To reduce waste, try and be mindful of the expiration date of your water supply. When there is about a month left before it expires, then cycle new water stores into your supplies, and use the water you removed for daily use. This ensures that all of the water is used while it is still safe.


If you are storing water in reusable containers, ensure that these containers were constructed for long-term repeated use. Furthermore, ensure that you drain this water every six months, and replace it with new water from your tap. This ensures that your supply of water remains safe, and your family is protected.

Aquamira Water Treatment will help you preserve your emergency potable water supply.  Find out more here.