Custom Survival Kits

Everyone is unique, and your survival kit will reflect that.  Select the components that best suit your lifestyle, location, family, and budget.  Our free custom survival kit tool will let you pick the backpack, survival gear, and any additional components you wish to add. 


If you are looking for additional items or options, please let us know in the "notes" section, and we will try and find it for you!  Submitting this form does not obligate you to any purchase.  We will contact you with a quote and lead time for your request. 

Please complete the form below to get your free personalized survival kit quote.  We will use the information to provide you with a recommended survival kit and a quote for just the items you requested.  That way you can make sure you have thought of everything.   

This form will allow you to put together one backpack kit at a time.  If you need more than one kit please fill out the form again or let us know in the "additional notes" section. 

Select Your Backpack:

Using the drop-down menu please select one of the choices pictured.  You will have the opportunity to select the color or pattern of your backpack later.  


Raine Tactical Day Pack

A great option for a durable compact 72-hour kit or weekend bag.  View more details here.

The Diplomat - Large Tactical Backpack

The aasdfdf. View Details.

Professional Backpack -Blue

Another low-profile option for a survival kit, but this bag provides a professional look for an office setting. View details here.

Discreet Backpack

The affordable option for a low-profile survival backpack. View Details.

Casual Survival Backpack

A discrete choice that still boasts plenty of storage compartments and 600D polyester strength. View details.

Emergency Backpack

Affordable and easy to recognize.  This backpack is best suited for in home emergency kit. View details.

Red Rock Assault Pack

Red Rock Urban Assault Pack

Choose Your Survival Kit Components:

Select as many of the listed below as you want. We will add them to your quote.

Quantities for food and water items will be figured based on the information you submitted above but can be modified to suit you.  If you are unsure or need more details on any items listed please contact us.  You can find more info on these items here. 


No pressure, we can make any changes you would like after you have submitted your request!

First Aid Kits
Fire Starters
Weather Protecton

- Peace of mind in a backpack!