About Us

Our mission is to provide affordable peace of mind to our customers.  We strive to ensure each person is getting exactly what they need and that they get it as quickly as possible.

We started our company because there are others like us who wanted to be independent and self-reliant no matter what unexpected events come our way.


In our online shop, you will find convenient, and affordable emergency preparedness solutions that meet your needs.  

We can provide you with a quality survival backpack kit for almost any situation.  We have complete emergency kits for families and organizations, as well as survival backpack kits and tactical bags for hunting, camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

We offer products from Emergency Zone, Wise Company, Red Rock Outdoor Gear, and Raine Tactical.

Each one of our premade backpacks will cover your basic survival needs as recommended by FEMA.  They contain food, water, hygiene, first aid, light & communication tools, and more.

Whatever your risks may be, we have an emergency kit or survival backpack to provide you with peace of mind.

We provide affordable peace of mind to individuals, families, churches, and businesses.  It shouldn't be expensive or time-consuming to prepare for disaster. Our company makes it simple to be ready for emergencies without having to comb the internet for hours to figure out what items you need to have in your emergency survival kit. 

​Everyone should be ready to face an emergency.  When a tornado hits your town or a fire destroys your neighbors home, you will be glad that you took a little time to ready yourself and you won’t be waiting around for help to arrive. 

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