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About Us

We are a family company and we like to be prepared.  We want it to be easy for others to be prepared.  Our goal is to provide affordable emergency kits to individuals, families, and companies.  It shouldn't be expensive or time-consuming to prepare for disaster.  Our company makes it simple to be ready for emergencies without having to comb the internet for hours to figure out what items you need to have in your "bug-out bag". 

Everyone should be ready to face an emergency.  When a tornado hits your town or a fire destroys your neighbors home, you will be glad that you took a little time to ready yourself and you won’t be waiting around for help to arrive.  


Check out our ready-made emergency kits or pick out the perfect tactical backpack to store and organize the emergency tools you already have.

Mission: Our mission is to provide affordable peace of mind to families, businesses, churches, and communities.  We strive to ensure each person is getting exactly what they need and that they get it as quickly as possible.  

Values: We stand behind or the products we offer.  Some companies consider “the customer is always right” to be an expensive policy.  We don’t. We believe that customer satisfaction should be the #1 goal of any company.  When a company sets out to offer a product or service they have a responsibility to meet the expectations of the customer.  Simply put: Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Looking for an emergency kit for your home?


We have a variety of emergency backpack kits to fit almost anyone.  Whether you are an individual or a family of 8 you can find the right survival backpack(s) for you.


Looking for emergency preparedness guides and info?

Find out more about our products and survival guides in our blog.


Building your own emergency kit or BOB?

If you are looking to build your own kit or need a great backpack to start your bug-out bag, check out our selection of tactical and practical backpacks.


Your satisfaction is our priority.  Whether you buy a preparedness product from us or not, we want to help you and your family get prepared for disaster. Contact us.

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Everything we sell is guaranteed to be satisfactory or your money back. You don't have to worry. If you are not happy with your purchase simply let us know and we will make it right!