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Wise Foods - 5 Day Survival Backpack

All-in-one survival kit.  Comprehensive emergency preparedness in a rugged backpack. Don't leave your safety up to chance.

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Prepare For The Unexpected

Disasters are a reality.  Floods, fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes cause billions in damage annually. Recently we have seen large scale flooding in the midwest, major hurricanes in the southeast, earthquakes and forest fires out west.  Each one of these disasters forced people to evacuate their homes. Some people lost their homes completely and others were stranded with no electricity, food or clean water.

Despite these facts, most Americans are alarmingly unprepared.  According to FEMA, only 39% of Americans have developed an Emergency plan even though 80% of citizens live in counties that have been affected by a weather-related disaster in the past 15 years.  The good news is preparing your family is simple!

To properly prepare for disasters, FEMA recommends keeping a 72-hour kit.  Also known as a go-bag, emergency kit or bug-out bag. This kit should include enough food, water, personal hygiene items, and first aid supplies to meet the needs of everyone in your household for 72 hours. 


It is also recommended that you keep any medicine or healthcare items that you may require as well as copies of important documents like insurance cards. Food, water, first aid, and hygiene are the most crucial components but you can add items that are essential for the unique needs of your family. 

The Urban Survival Bug Out Bag


Thank you to PNW Outdoor Reviews for taking the time to check out the Urban Survival Bug Out Bag.  Watch the video to see all the contents of this 72-hour emergency kit designed to supply 2 people with everything they need to survive a disaster in an urban setting all while keeping a low profile!

You can see the full list of contents here.

Don't leave your family's safety to chance!
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Peace of mind in a backpack: Disasters can happen without notice.  Getting a premade backpack kit is a quick and simple way to prepare your loved ones.

benefit - comprehensive that meet FEMA g

Whether you need a personal kit, starter kit or enough supplies for your family of 8, we have a backpack kit that will meet your needs.  

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We take the burden of finding and collecting all the things you might need in a catastrophe.  A few clicks and you can be ready for almost anything!

Your Satisfaction is our priority!

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Our backpack blog will provide you with emergency preparedness guides, survival information and product breakdowns.

Emergency Water Supply Calculator


How much water would your household need if a disaster left you without access to fresh water?

Use our emergency water supply calculator to determine how much you should store.

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