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First Aid Backpacks Without The Fluff

First aid Backpacks & trauma kits that allow for effective response to workplace injuries and accidents.  Each trauma kit comes with useful life-preserving tools intended to stop bleeding, treat wounds, and more. 

More than just bandaids!

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Quick Response

Unlike first aid cabinets, a heavy duty, mobile, first aid backpack allows for quick response and treatment almost anywhere.

No wasted time scrambling to gather what you think you need.  Simply grab the pack and go!  Learn more >

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Effective Treatment

Many first aid kits boast "hundreds of pieces", but they merely contain bandaids and cuetips.  Real first aid requires tools that will stop bleeding in major wounds.  Our kits contain expert recommended supplies for effective treatmeant. View Options>

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Peace of Mind

Accidents happen, the duribility and organization of our trauma kits and first aid backpacks gives you confidence that you and your staff can keep injuries from getting worse and provide potential life-saving aid to victims.  Get Yours >